We guarantee our paint or stain will not peel, chip or blister from the substrate for 3 years to the date the project is completed. Exclusions: horizontal surfaces (deck floors/window sills), peeling, chipping paint due to rotten wood are not warranted.

Interior Painting

We offer the highest quality interior painting through a lengthy preparation process. At the initial estimate, areas to be painted are thoroughly inspected such as; nail pops, drywall holes, cracks, imperfections, and water stains. Preparation is THE major factor in providing a top quality finish product. Our painters have over a decade of experience restoring and preparing areas to be worked so they can be properly painted. While working in your home or business, floors are covered with clean drop cloths; furniture and effects covered with plastic. We strive for perfection through preparation. We will make recommendations on the type of paint, or sheen to use on walls, ceiling and trim. For example, eg-shgel is recommended for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways for washability and low-sheen for areas such as foyers and bedrooms for less reflection yet still washable. Semi- Gloss on trim and doors. Our quotation always includes at least two coats of paint, as this is recommended for the paint to perform per its specifications and provide a uniform finish.

Exterior Painting

We offer painting of trim, siding, windows, doors, shutters and other structures. Similar to interior painting, the areas to be worked must be properly prepared. Every project is pressure washed with a bleach-based solution to clean off dirt and mildew . Concrete is covered with drop cloths and bushes/plants/flowers are protected from paint/ damage. Windows and light fixtures are protected with plastic. Bare wood or new wood is primed with the highest quality primer to insure proper adhesion. All needed areas on the home are caulked. In over 95% of our projects, we use a 100% Acrylic Latex paint for the finish coat. Latex endures far longer than oil paint and you won't be expecting us back for up to 8 years.

Cedar Staining

If you own a cedar home, you probably notice after several years the stain looks faded and the boards look dry. Also, you may notice a yellow color or stain on some of the wood. These are tannins or tanic acid. When you see this, it is time to re-stain your home. After the home is washed, all needed areas are caulked, areas with a lot of tanins are primed with an oil-based stain blocker. We then apply 2 coats of top-quality Acrylic Latex stain. Many homeowners make the mistake of waiting too long to re-stain their home and end up spending a lot more money – thousands of dollars sometimes replacing the siding because it gets cracked or bows.

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Deck Staining and Restoration

Decks seem to be the never- ending maintenance nightmare. If you've never had your deck stained, you probably don't even know what the wood could look like after it is professionally cleaned. We recommended a semi-transparent oil stain on the floor/horizontal areas. This will allow the wood to show its natural beauty yet add a color of your taste. Many homeowners have made the mistake of staining the deck floor with a solid stain or paint in the past. Deck floors should NEVER be painted or have a solid stain put on them. As a result, the floor peels within a year. See our section on Deck Sanding for the solution to this problem.

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Fence Staining

If you just installed a new fence or yours needs to be restored we have the solution. We treat and pressure wash the fence with a bleach -based cleaner and then pressure wash it clean. All dirt and mildew must be completely removed before the stain is applied. We offer both semi-transparent oil stain and solid latex stain. Depending what product was previously applied, the same type is usually required to recoat. We will provide you with professional advice in choosing a product and color.

Deck Sanding

The only way to completely restore a deck floor that has been painted or stained with a solid stain back to its original state is to be sanded. We implement the use of a powered industrial floor sander. With professional technique, the floor sander will effectively remove the coating on the floor and restore it to its original state, ready to be stained or sealed. We have restored dozens of decks, completely removing the most weathered and peeling floors. We then apply top-quality semi-transparent stain.

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Drywall Repair/Installation

We repair drywall damaged by water such as roof leaks or pipes, drywall cracks from settling and holes. Areas that have water damage are removed, cleaned, reinsulated, re-drywalled, taped and ready for paint. Our professionals are able to take any size piece of drywall from a wall or ceiling, replace and paint it without any evidence of the problem ever occurring. We have completed hundreds of drywall repair projects and perfected it. We also offer new drywall installation and finishing.

Aluminum Siding Refinishing

In a recent consumer reports survey, it is estimated that over 90% of homeowners think that aluminum siding can't be repainted. In fact, it can. Aluminum siding develops a chalky film over time that needs to be washed off and scrubbed. After the aluminum is cleaned, any bare areas (spots where the original metal is now showing through) must be primed prior to painting. Like an automobile, all the windows and areas to not be painted are protected with plastic prior to painting. The new paint is applied through an airless sprayer for a uniform satin finish. No brush or roller marks, the paint will last over 10 years if pressure washed every 3rd year. You may virtually choose any color you would like!

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